Congratulations! You have been selected as an inductee to The Human League’s famous Planetary Forces. The honorable call to serve Humanity’s cause in our fight against the Vask has been dispatched to hundreds of thousands of your future comrades around the galaxy today, and in twenty-four (24) hours, you will be organized into rank and responsibility according to aptitude. Where: Report to your nearest Human League Planetary Force recruitment hub. When: Twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of this notice, or by 0700 on Saturday, H-276, 2581. Your room and board will be provided by the Human League, as well as any and all necessary medical care during your service. Will you answer the call? (failure to do so constitutes a knowing violation of statutes 84416-2.1 and 84416a-8.8 of the Human League Treason Act of 2540)”

We started recording our first project, Aerocrawler, with our amps, pedals and drum machines in a basement. Our next project, War EP, was recorded in Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Los Angeles and Alaska. We are currently working on our second LP, Marred Halo.

Harold: vocals, synths, writing. Marc: MPC/synth, guitar, mixing. Drew: Keys, bass, guitar.

'Aerocrawler' and 'War EP' available on all platforms. We are currently working on our second LP, Marred Halo.

Check out two of our songs played on WERA FM July 4th, 2018 (00:16:30):

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